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Writer Darla Worden & Her Ernest Hemingway Obsession

What happens when a woman with a lifelong obsession with Ernest Hemingway scraps everything to follow his footsteps to Paris?

As a teenager, Darla Worden spied a photograph of Ernest Hemingway hanging above the jukebox at the Last Chance Saloon in Wyoming. Was the photo a sign from the Universe encouraging her to follow her dreams? In Hemingway’s words, “To write, first you must live.”

Flash forward 20 years. She wonders: What if I had gone to Paris and walked in Hemingway’s footsteps, would some of his writing mojo have rubbed off on me?

Is it ever too late to follow your dreams? With unstoppable curiosity and determination, Darla realizes that her search for Hemingway is much more than writer worship. And in a surprising ending, after following his path to Paris, she comes full circle back to Wyoming, discovering the secret behind the Last Chance Saloon photo – and something more important about herself along the way.

Photo by Travis Cebula

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