November 2021

Dear friends,
Thank you for the emails you’ve sent regarding Cockeyed Happy! It has been delightful to hear from old and new friends, and to hear your thoughts and comments about Ernest, Pauline and Wyoming. Now as we enter November, two months since the Cockeyed Happy launch, the fun continues with an upcoming reception at the Denver Woman’s Press Club on Saturday, November 6, and
The Nonfiction Sessions, hosted by Goucher College, November 12-14. You’ll find more information in the newsletter below.

Wishing you a cozy November,


IN THE NEWS “Is there anything more to be written about Ernest Hemingway? Well, yes,” writes Sandra Dallas in a Sunday book review of Cockeyed Happy for The Denver Post, ending the piece with: “Cockeyed Happy is not only a look into a famous marriage, but it’s also a lot of fun to read.” Her words are all the more meaningful because Dallas is an award-winning, New York Times best-selling author – who was just inducted into the Colorado Author Hall of Fame in August! Also this month, the just-out fall issue of BigLife put Cockeyed Happy on its “Hit List,” wrapping up an insightful review with: “Thoroughly engaging with an eye for details, Cockeyed Happy is refreshing and revealing and the purest reflection of Worden’s decades-long curiosity with Hemingway.” And Colorado Sun, in its “SunLit” column, ran both an author interview packed with insightful questions (“How a $1 volume of Hemingway’s letters launched Darla Worden’s quest”) and an excerpt over the weekend. Thanks to all my recent reviewers! You can find links to these and other reviews on my website here.


JOIN US Founded in 1898 by 19 members with roots in the women’s rights movement, the Denver Woman’s Press Club celebrates 123 years of continuous operation with its current membership of more than 200 writing professionals in various fields. I’ve been a member of the club for over 30 years and I can’t think of a better place to talk about Pauline, the “Pauline” in the Cockeyed Happy subtitle, Ernest Hemingway’s Wyoming Summers with Pauline, who gave up her own career at Paris Vogue – not without regrets – to be Ernest Hemingway’s wife. If you’d like to peek behind the DWPC’s famous doors, join me for a reading and book signing this Saturday, November 6, from 4-6 p.m. An RSVP is required, so reply to this newsletter or check my website contact page to email for directions. I hope to see you there! And if you can’t make it, keep an eye on my website for other upcoming EVENTS – including my turn as a virtual conference panelist at the online The Nonfiction Sessions, hosted by (my MFA alma mater) Goucher College, November 12-14.


GIFT OF LIT With supply chain challenges, and the USPS encouraging early shipping to be certain gifts arrive in time for the holidays, I can help. For a personalized gift, I’m happy to send you a signed bookplate to stick inside the Cockeyed Happy cover, just email me. Get your holiday shopping done the easy way and ensure your giftee will be “cockeyed happy.”

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