August 2022

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As we enter August, I’m looking back on the recent events for Cockeyed Happy at the International Hemingway Society Conference in Sheridan and the Paris-style “salon” held in Denver at Integral Thread. Thought you’d enjoy seeing the photos!



Hemingway is flanked by soon-to-be second wife, Pauline, and first wife, Hadley in 1925 Spain; the Kooi Library crowd listens to details of the wives’ relationship at the Hemingway Society Conference.

NEW FRIENDS, OLD FRENEMIES As anticipated, the 19th Biennial Hemingway Society Conference in Sheridan, Wyoming, was a smash hit with the gathered Hemingway scholars and enthusiasts, who enjoyed everything from academic panels to a keynote by local author and creator of the Longmire series Craig Johnson – to visits to Sheridan’s justly famous cowboy bar The Mint! I was honored to be asked to do a reading from Cockeyed Happy and Q&A session for society members on the conference’s opening day. Following that event, many of the members reconvened with me and a host of Sheridan locals for an open-to-the-public cocktail hour, where I talked about “frenemies” Hadley and Pauline – Ernest Hemingway’s first and second wives, who, despite a rocky start when Ernest and Pauline had an affair while he was still married to Hadley, developed a surprisingly friendly relationship. Many thanks to Sheridan College’s Kooi Library for sponsoring the free event, and to Debbie Isakson, John Sutton, Tyler Julian and Sarah Jo Sinclair for their tireless work on behalf of the college in pulling together an amazing conference. 


Hemingway with “Bunny” Thorne, who would go on to marry his friend Bill Horne, at Folly Ranch near Sheridan in 1928. Host Mark Cirino and I discuss the photo in the One True Podcast interview.

POD PEOPLE Leading up to the conference, I was interviewed on the Hemingway Society’s “One True Podcast,” discussing Hemingway’s time in Wyoming with host Mark Cirino. It was fascinating getting the chance to talk with Cirino, a true Hemingway scholar, English professor, and author and co-author of multiple books on Hemingway. We talked about my journey to writing Cockeyed Happy, Hemingway’s love for the Wyoming mountain-man lifestyle and Pauline’s “invisible wife” role – as well as some of the many funny and surprising stories that have come out of my years-long Hemingway obsession (including the mystery of the flipped photo negative and what kind of car did Ernest really drive into the Bighorn Mountains up Red Grade Road?). Click on the link above to listen!


L to R: Introducing artist Tyrel Johnson and his Hemingway-inspired sculpture; our swanky invitation; the boys in the band.

SALON SOIREE For some time I’ve been wanting to bring the European-style salon to Denver. As some of you know, my Left Bank Writers Retreat in Paris writing workshop is based around the idea of the salons that Gertrude Stein held (in her living room or “salon” as they say in French, thus the name) in the 1920s for writer and artist friends including Hemingway, Ezra Pound and Pablo Picasso. Recently I’d been reading about the popularity of salons in New York City as people hungry for culture and talk with like-minded others emerged from Covid lockdowns. So when the Integral Thread custom rug showroom at the Denver Design Center kindly offered to host a Hemingway-themed event in honor of Ernest’s July birthday and asked me to participate, I got my chance, bringing in Montana artist Tyrel Johnson (who’d also been at the Hemingway Society Conference with me) showcasing his newest sculpture, “Santiago’s Plight,” based on Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea. Integral Thread owner Stephanie Holmes and her showroom manager and sister, Stacie Bryant, brought  live music, we had delicious snacks, wine, beer and cocktails, and the discussions were satisfyingly deep. The whole event was sublime. Gertrude would have been proud.

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