January 2022

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Happy 2022! Exactly a century ago, in January 1922, Ernest Hemingway and Hadley, his first wife, moved into their first Paris apartment on Rue du Cardinal Lemoine—and his path as an expat writer in Paris began. I’ve been fascinated by his time in Paris, where the great modernists like Gertrude Stein, Ezra Pound and James Joyce nurtured his writing. Hemingway believed in luck, and he was extremely lucky to have met the literary elite of Paris at the young age of 22. I founded the Left Bank Writers Retreat in Paris years ago to retrace his Paris footsteps and, Covid permitting, we’ll be heading to Paris again this summer. You’ll find additional information below.

My New Year’s tradition is to set my intentions for the year by undertaking the things on my resolution list beginning on January 1. This year’s New Year’s Day start included “work on my next book”—something that has taken a back seat to the promotion of Cockeyed Happy. My new project takes place in Paris, so a trip to the City of Light in June will be perfectly timed.

Thank you to the Sheridan Press, Colorado Sun, and Cowgirl magazine for the recent stories and reviews! I am so appreciative of the book reviewers, journalists and readers who have continued to support Cockeyed Happy.

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TOP 10 KUDOS Cockeyed Happy’s new year got off to a happy start with honors from The Colorado Sun’s excellent SunLit literary section. I’m thrilled SunLit’s Kevin Simpson included Cockeyed Happy in his year in review’s Top 10, writing, “The public’s fascination with Hemingway ebbs and flows, but Worden has hit the topic on an uptick and doesn’t disappoint with this look at the writer’s trips to Wyoming.” Also this month, a review in Cowgirl magazine, where Chris Enss writes, “A stirring story that not only highlights an aspect of the famous novelist’s private life, but acts as travelogue through parts of the West.”


IF THESE KEYS COULD TALK In February 2020 this typewriter, boasting “impeccable provenance” from Hemingway biographer A.E. Hotchner as the one Ernest used to write A Moveable Feast, sold for $27,500. A deeper dive into that provenance reveals that the typewriter – one of many Hemingway used over the course of his career – actually belonged to Hotchner. It seems in 1959 Hotchner (“Hotch” to his friend “Papa”) helped Hemingway secure and furnish an apartment at 1 East 62nd St. in New York City, just off Fifth Avenue. “Hemingway needed a typewriter at this time, so I lent him my trusty Royal. Hemingway used this very typewriter for many months working on A Moveable Feast," Hotchner writes in a notarized letter of authentication that accompanied the auctioned machine.



MEMORY LANE 2022 began with the kudos from SunLit and Cowgirl; 2021 ended with a feature in my hometown paper, The Sheridan Press, on December 30. The digital version of the story leads with a photo of me in class taken for the Sheridan High School yearbook, above, and the story traces my local writing history. “Worden shared she wanted to be a writer from the time she was a third-grader at Highland Park Elementary School,” the paper writes. The article also includes my spotting a Hemingway photo at the Last Chance Saloon in Big Horn many years later, piquing my interest in Hemingway’s connection to Wyoming that ultimately led me to write Cockeyed Happy.



PARIS HERE WE COME I’ve set the dates (Covid permitting) for the return of my Left Bank Writers Retreat in Paris, France! More details to follow, but if you think you’d like to join my small group tour in the City of Light, June 25 – July 1, 2022, writing, visiting Hemingway’s Paris haunts, drinking good French wine and dining in fabulous cafes, check out my Left Bank Writers Retreat website at leftbankwriters.com.

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